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How to Adapt to Remain Relevant

William Higham futurist

How to Adapt to Remain Relevant

Leading consumer futurist, William Higham, has developed a new speech particularly pertinent to business leaders in current times: ‘Meet the Post-Pandemic Consumer’

As a result Will has developed a new presentation topic, which can be delivered live or online. So he can help businesses grow and capitalise on life after lockdown. Lots of commentators are talking about a ‘new normal’. Typically that refers to how things will be on the other side of the pandemic. But Will asks, what will consumers be like then? One thing every organisation needs to understand is what their ‘new normal’ customer will want and expect from them.

As an international consumer futurist, William Higham, has been lucky enough to spend time analysing the evolution of this ‘new normal’ customer and the opportunities they will present. It is summarised in his latest talk:

A broad outline of the presentation includes looking at:

  1. What’s happened
  • Some surprising statistics on how consumer behaviour and attitudes evolved during lockdown. eg:
      • what became more/less important to people
      • how many still expected the same convenience levels from brands during lockdown as before it
      • What will happen next
  • A short section then identifies how these are likely to develop immediately after lockdown ends. eg:
      • where there might be a mini sales boom;
      • what customers will expect regarding safety, value etc
  1. What does that mean for you?
  • The core section of the talk considers medium / long term consumer change. eg:
      • what will be the key purchase drivers
      • how can brands earn post-pandemic customers’ loyalty and trust

Recent feedback on Will’s presentations includes:

Will offered great insights into how consumers are changing and how companies will need to adapt.” Michaela Ridgeway, Financial Times

Will was engaging and thought provoking and set our agenda for change. It was great working with him.” Mike Hulse, Senior Sales Manager, Philips

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