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Online and Virtual Event Speakers

All the organisations and the communities have had to respond to the changing world because of the COVID restrictions.

While the face-to-face interactions have been limited, a lot of the events have also shifted to the online world, thanks to the major advancements in technology over the last decade.

A wide selection of our speakers have adopted their styles, presentations and content to help with the people and the organisations with their online events. A lot of our virtual keynote speakers or the online event speakers have continued outstanding feedback for their new content as well.

Whilst we are delighted that small events are currently able to take place, there is still a huge demand for online conferences.  We can certainly help you enhance your virtual events with online speakers and presenters.  A professional facilitator can ensure the smooth running of your event and ease communication amongst your remote working team.  An inspirational speaker on zoom or teams can assist with key company messaging, focussing on themes such as resilience, wellness and teambuilding as we navigate the new business working practices.  A comedy host including celebrity options will add kudos to your awards evening and maintain audience involvement in your special event.

We are also working with technical conferences to ensure the very best video conferencing can be achieved easily and cost effectively. Features can include polling, direct messaging and break out groups as well using augmented reality.

Please get in touch with us to discuss many ways we can make your virtual event a success, from virtual conferences to online roundtables, remote meetings to webinars.