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This is the official website of The Right Address Ltd. Whilst The Right Address has taken every care in the preparation of the content of this website, The Right Address disclaims (to the extent permitted by law) all warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information contained in any of the materials on this website.

The Right Address Ltd receive photos, film clips and material (displayed on this website) from a number of sources under the assumption that they do not breach copyright. If you feel that a breach has occurred, please contact us so we can investigate and rectify. Images on this site are the property of the copyright holders, and have been used here for accepted publicity and promotional purposes. No subsequent use of these images (other than private use) in any form is permitted without the prior written agreement of the licence owner. All rights reserved.

Permission is given to view and/or print the material on this website and save the materials for your future personal reference but not to copy, modify, use, distribute or create any derivative works unless you obtain the express permission of The Right Address.

The Right Address Ltd is a consultancy and therefore, whilst having the goodwill of performers contained herein, do not act as their agents.

The Client undertakes to provide: a) the Venue with appropriate heating, lighting, ventilation and access; b) the necessary technical requirements such as staging and sound equipment in good and safe working order to enable the Presenter to carry out the Services; c) suitable and adequate insurance in relation to the Services including but not limited to public liability insurance; d) that any and all necessary regulations are met in respect of the Venue for fire, safety and any other statutory regulations and requirements and ensure that the maximum capacity for the Venue is not exceeded; e) where appropriate, and/or required by the Presenter, a secure changing room with facilities and refreshments.

The Presenter shall not be photographed, sound recorded, video recorded or filmed whilst providing the Services without the Presenter’s prior written consent. Copyright in any and all material or ideas used for or in connection with the Services shall be and shall remain vested in the Presenter. Any promotion, advertising or other material prepared for use in connection with the Services shall be subject to the Presenter’s prior review and approval. The Client will not be entitled to make use of the name, photograph or likeness of the Presenter, which would constitute or amount to the promotion or endorsement of any particular company, product or service unless written prior consent is given by the Presenter.