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Eddie the Eagle Goes to Whitefish

Eddie the Eagle Goes to Whitefish

This month, the much-loved ski jumper Eddie the Eagle has been busy at Whitefish, attending their Winter Carnival. Known around the world for his endearing personality, incredible life and for being a prime example that you should never give up at something you love, it’s safe to say that the whole of Whitefish was thrilled at his appearance.

Who is Eddie the Eagle?

Real name Michael Edwards, Eddie the Eagle is the more commonly known nickname of this Olympian ski jumper. Eddie first found fame in 1988, when people around fell head over heels for this charming gentleman, despite (and perhaps even because of) his finishing last place.

You can read more about Eddie on our previous post from early in February, which also details his New Year’s appearance in London.

Fly Like an Eagle

This year, the traditional Winter Carnival in Whitefish was given the theme ‘Fly Like an Eagle’ as a nod to the much-loved ski jumper. Eddie the Eagle packed his bags and headed to Montana, USA, to be the Grand Marshal at the event in the snowy mountains of Whitefish.

This year marked the 59th Winter Carnival, a traditional event much loved by those who live in and around Whitefish. Eddie spent his time amongst the locals, engaging with them and making a whole bunch of new friends – and, of course, signing a ton of autographs and taking a lot of pictures. Anyone who has ever met Eddie will know that his approachable demeanor, friendly personality and interesting tales make him a delight to talk to, as the town of Whitefish, we’re sure, agreed.

Eddie spoke to high school students during his visit, inspiring them to follow their goals and let nothing stop them. He was the focal point in the pinnacle of the event – the parade on Central Avenue – and even popped on his skis to fly down the Big Mountain with Hilary Lindh, who is a Whitefish local and competed alongside Eddie in the 1988 Olympics. We’re sure they had a lot to catch up on!

Eddie at your Event

If you’re looking for an event speaker to entertain your guests, you won’t be disappointed with Eddie. He’s an incredibly talented speaker, crafting tales of his extraordinary life to captivate everyone around. His story of how he used to live in cars and sheds, getting by on very little and being powered only by his ceaseless will to succeed at his passion is incredibly motivational, and he’s always more than willing to engage directly with his audience.

If you’d like to book Eddie as an after dinner speaker, get in touch with us at The Right Address. We’re the middle man between you and the inspirational, educational and hilarious range of speakers we work with. 

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