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We’re all now in show business!

Dominic Colenso communications speaker

We’re all now in show business!

We are delighted to be working with actor, best selling author & communications expert, Dominic Colenso.  We would like to share a pertinent blog Dominic has written – based on the fact that the way we communicate at work has changed forever …

“Our lives have gone online and even when the pandemic ends, much more of our communication will be `virtual’ than it ever has before .   However, `Zoom fatigue’ is real.  Back to back virtual meetings are killing our productivity and stifling our creativity. Our ability to engage with our clients, customers and colleagues has been curtailed.  Wherever you are in an organisation, from the C-Suite to the sales team and everyone in between, mastering virtual communication is vital for organisational success and wellbeing.

Over the past few months I’ve seen a massive shift in the way people are doing business but it’s clear that this new way of working requires a different skill set. The reality is we’re now all in show business. The vast majority of us are spending multiple hours a day broadcasting from our home offices, our spare bedrooms and our kitchen tables. If we don’t pay attention to how we are performing in front of the camera, we risk alienating or worse boring our audience. This directly impacts productivity,  engagement and profit.

As a professional actor I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the big names in theatre film and television. Actors know how to use the camera, they know how to tell a story, they know how to keep their audience on the edge of their seats.

The good news is these skills can be learnt. From how you frame yourself on screen, to how you build a compelling narrative for your content, there is so much that can be gained by tapping into the actor’s toolkit. Netflix is now worth $200 Billion. In reality, show business is the attention business. Netflix’s success is based on their ability to keep their audience captivated and engaged. So is yours! If you’d like to find out how to give your people the actor’s tool kit and help them perform with impact in front of the camera, I can help.”

Get in touch to see how Dominic can help you create the best communications on line and in person

Just speak with us here at the Right Address team and we’ll set up a call with Dominic to discuss how he can help you with all your communications challenges.


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