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Carl Jones

Former police detective Carl Jones is an accomplished motivational speaker on the main theme of wellness.  He has developed his own unique technique to help enable his audience to build resilience and overcome adversity.

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Motivational speaker, Carl Jones, is a long serving, now retired Police Detective.  He was awarded the National Bravery Award after being shot at six times and now delivers inspirational presentations based on the S.L.A.P. Technique (stability, listen, adjust, patience).  This is a wellness coaching system he has developed, enabling wellbeing and positive thinking.  In his presentations he shares how he overcame adversity and helps audiences find strategies to manage their own wellbeing, whilst building resilience and balance in their lives.  He also helps people develop great leadership skills in the workplace.


Becoming a Police Officer in 2000, with a desire to help people, Carl survived nineteen years on the streets. A role in which he often worked alone, single crewed. He remained focused on his duty and his unwavering commitment to having ‘a job to do’ (even when it came with a heavy price) was never forgotten.  Over the years he had seen it all, from the funny and weird, to the crazy and outright scary. He became immune to the danger signs and almost complacent to any threat. ‘IT’ was never going to happen to him, as he was too street wise.

In 2011, eleven years into his service, with already three visits to hospital, he still thought he was invincible. Until the day ‘IT’ happened, there was no stopping him. Whilst dealing with a domestic incident, he found himself having to protect the victim and her young child from a gun wielding suspect. Whilst he faced her partner; a drugged up and drunken gunman, Carl was shot at six times. He still managed to arrest the gunman, save the female and send the man to prison.  However, it was all at a huge personal cost.  To mark this act of courage, in 2012 Carl attended no 10 Downing Street and was awarded a National Bravery Award by Theresa May.

However, in the aftermath of the incident, Carl suffered PTSD and left the force.  Subsequently, he has found a new way to help people, developing the S.L.A.P. technique, wellness coaching system. Carl also started a new career in project management, supporting huge projects such as the Medical Research Councils Covid19 Therapeutics Advisory panel,  project managing and delivering the building of the Ideas Marketplace for the MOD and other inspirational projects.

Motivational speaker

His work on his new SLAP technique proved to be hugely successful and Carl moved on from his Project Manager role to launch Elevated Training Ltd.  Carl is now in much demand as a professional speaker on wellness and mental health and a trainer of the SLAP Technique. Prevention is far better than cure and The SLAP technique, wellness coaching empowers others to manage wellness in any environment.

  • Stability
  • Listen
  • Adjust
  • Patience

Testimonials include:

“Having attended the conference yesterday I just wanted to say thank you for asking Carl to talk to the group .” Aimee Fowles, HMCTS

“[He] left our audience feeling awe-inspired, emotional and motivated to make a change in their community …  We received fantastic feedback from our audience regarding Carl’s talk and can’t wait to work with him again soon … the whole team at Ajuda Events would highly recommend Carl.” Dawn Evans, Ajuda Academy




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