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Vital new presentation for resilience building

Jane Gunn speaker

Vital new presentation for resilience building

Inspirational speaker Jane Gunn is listed as a Global Leader in Who’s Who Mediation. She is also featured in Legal 500 Hall of Fame.  Jane is a trained mediator and facilitator known to her clients as `The Barefoot Mediator’.  An excellent keynote speaker, in addition to her corporate presentations, Jane has addressed the United Nations, The White House and the European Commission. Barefoot Survival 101 is her new presentation, which is particularly pertinent to the challenges individuals and businesses are currently facing.  Jane has shared some key details of her latest speech which we can highly recommend:

Preparing for a Cycle of Crises

“Look up, get up and don’t ever give up” – Les Brown

Are you prepared and ready to survive what is coming next?

 As an expert in conflict management and helping businesses survive in times of change, challenge and crisis, I know that many of my clients are awake at 5am thinking “We’ve just gone through a pandemic and now it’s got worse – what am I doing with my life and how are we going to manage?”

We live in extraordinary times of fear and political unrest and many people are realising that we are no longer faced with simply recovering from a Pandemic and getting “Back to normal” but must now prepare for a Cycle of Crises

Brexit, Covid, Economic Collapse, Climate Change, Cost of Living, Food Shortages, Labour Squeeze, The Great Resignation are just the beginning………………..


Like me you may be wondering how will you, your family and your career or your business survive?

  • Physically
  • Financially
  • Mentally
  • Spiritually
  • Emotionally

One coping strategy is to carry on as though there is no problem now or on the horizon. Not seeing the truth makes life easy because you don’t have to think about it and deal with it.

The first question is – is that a good strategy for business or personally?

You can just pretend that everything is fine but that doesn’t really work well in the long term or achieve the outcomes you desire.

Psychologist Al Siebert, commenting on human behaviour in times of crisis concluded that we will:

  • Deny danger
  • Disbelief prevails over reality
  • Seldom make plans for dealing with it

The next question is – what is it that we don’t see?

Al Siebert was reflecting on the fact that residents of Portland, Oregon were unprepared for the scale and devastation of the eruption of the Mount St Helens volcano

Although there were warning signs, nothing major had happened before so why would tomorrow be any different to today?

This is a major flaw in human thinking and decision making, not being able to anticipate a sudden shift from things that seem permanent or safe.


And so at a time when people everywhere are dealing with both the external and internal sense of conflict, constant fear and uncertainty this is creating, what I want to ask is:

  • What can we, as individuals, do to understand and transform this conflict?
  • Are we being woken up to a deeper meaning and message?
  • How do we find harmony and balance in a crazy world?

And the answer to those questions is, among many other things, to learn

  • How to be fearless and never give up despite difficulties
  • How to meet your own and others’ needs in times of crisis
  • How to stay on the right path and map your journey to survival
  • How to envision and create a better future for everyone

 Keynote speaker

This is the focus of my new programme “Barefoot Survival 101” to encourage us all to get back to basics and to understand what we need to do to support ourselves and each other as we continue the journey through the inevitable crises to creating a better world.

Will you join me?

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