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WEBINAR – Blaire Palmer – Working From Home With Kids at Home

Blaire Palmer

WEBINAR – Blaire Palmer – Working From Home With Kids at Home

With mass home working and mass home education a fact of life right now, many families are struggling. If you are doing this yourself you’ve probably already considered throwing in the towel, locking yourself in the bathroom or gagging the kids. Well, help is here.

In this webinar author, executive coach and keynote speaker, Blaire Palmer, will help parents working from home with kids at home figure out how to remain productive while balancing family responsibilities.

For the last 3 years Blaire has been running her thriving business while home educating her daughter. A single mother, Blaire has learnt the hard way how to organise herself, how to remain productive, how NOT to teach her child and some of the tricks to making it all work.

Key themes

In this webinar Blaire will share –

  • The ‘maths’ of working at home and educating at home – how to use the hours available to do both.
  • The 3 ‘Zones’ she uses to organise work so that she can spend time with her daughter without compromising relationships with clients
  • Lessons from a home educator – revealing the most common mistakes of new home educators and revealing strategies that are sustainable for the longer term
  • Some tips for looking after yourself and relationships in the home during what will be an intense time ahead

This webinar is perfect for companies who want to support their employees through these unprecedented times. At a time when keeping up productivity is particularly important for many businesses the distraction of children, the stress of feeling like you are failing to both work AND educate your kids and the potential for family tensions and disruption can be very bad for engagement and morale. Add to this the social isolation and concerns for our health and the health our loved ones and the impact could be significant.

Ongoing help

In addition to the one-off webinar, Blaire can also deliver a series of sessions for staff to help them create plans for their own family, reflect on what is working and isn’t working, receive personal support and coaching as part of a group and connect with colleagues to hear about their experiences.

This is the ideal option for companies who want to support staff over the longer term as reality hits and the novelty wears off.


“Anything feels possible when Blaire is in the room”  Jane Ginnever, Head of Talent, Consumer Intelligence


To get in touch with Blaire or other motivational speakers in London for your future events, please get it in touch with us on 01895 827 800.

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