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In Celebration of International Women’s Day

TV presenter Annie Voller

In Celebration of International Women’s Day

TV presenter, Annie Voller, is a popular and highly regarded News Broadcast Journalist, Voice Artist and Media Entrepreneur.  She is also the Co-Founder of the independent online radio station www.nobarriersradio.com. Annie is a strong supporter of International Women’s Day 2022 #endingthebias.

In addition she is a passionate advocate for a gender equal world. Therefore, she encourages breaking through the glass ceiling and steaming ahead with increasing diversity and inclusion in broadcasting and radio.  Annie talks the talk, and walks the walk.  As a result she actively creates, unique, first of its kind professional broadcast and media opportunities for talented and incredible women and young women on www.nobarriersradio.com.

Amazing Presenters ,Broadcasters and DJ’s

The lineup started with reaching out to both established and experienced Presenters and Broadcasters both male and female.  These included award-winning TV and Film Directors, DJ’s and Performers through to those who are looking for a potential new career and opportunity in professional radio with a community ethos.  Annie aims to springboard the talented women and young women of today who are playwrights, musicians, writers, journalists, experts in their chosen fields, contributors, authors, performers, activists and trail blazers.  She encourages those who have amazing ideas, passion and enthusiasm and are looking for an exciting opportunity to broadcast to their communities and the communities they are part of, and International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate #endingthebias and create and celebrate this new opportunity.

As seen on TV from broadcasting on Conflicts and Health to Scandals and globetrotting Drinks Expert.

As a Presenter and Broadcaster Annie can be seen most recently on SKY TV reporting on Covid and Health.  From front line Covid and global health stories, to breaking news in cutting edge Pharma drugs, treatments and developments to telling the Important human stories that surround it.  As a News Broadcaster and Journalist, she has featured on BBC TV and Radio, Fox News and other global news outlets and programs, reporting on everything from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan conflicts, Health, Technology and Gaming, to Culture and Financial scandals.

Presenting, Hosting and Speaking at Virtual, Hybrid, Experiential Events, Conferences and launches

Annie’s high-level media profile and presenting experience has made her a sought after, polished , trusted and experienced corporate and event Host, Facilitator, EMCEE, Keynote Speaker and interviewer who has worked across various diverse and varied sectors from recently hosting large scale International Hybrid and Experiential events for Aerospace ,Defense and Military for BAE Systems and Team Tempest,  Hosting World launches and Tech News for Technology giants such as Microsoft, Cisco and Yahoo, Global Gaming and Technology annual events for Riot Games, The Digital and Gaming Awards, Financial and Energy events for Deloitte and Shell and in Health and Pharma for GSK,, Novartis, and  Amgem amongst others .

Annie’s charm, wit and warmth, coupled with her inclusion, equality and diversity influence  has also seen her front Women In The City, The 50/50 Women in Parliament, Women in Construction events and fashion and lifestyle events.

Lets make every day a #endingthebias day. 

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