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The Resilient Mind – How to Protect Your Mindset While Working From Home

The Resilient Mind – How to Protect Your Mindset While Working From Home

Motivational speaker, author and adventurer, Debra Searle, spent more than 100 days totally alone during her unexpectedly solo infamous crossing of the Atlantic.  Debra’s story of being isolated for three & half months in a rowing boat provides plenty of material for her to deliver an outstanding online presentation relevant to our current remote working situation with practical tips, together with humour and inspiration.  Her ongoing theme of resilience is ideal for Mental Health Awareness Week, this week and ongoing.

Debra is ideally placed to deliver online presentations and has vast experience over the past few years as a Zoom presenter and has honed the interactive elements of her virtual sessions. As opposed to simply transferring her keynotes, Debra has fully embraced a fresh interactive format that completely utilises the annotation feature, as well as polls, chat and non-verbal communication options. She brings as much passion to her online presenting as she does to her live events.  This format has received glowing feedback from participants and recent comments include:

Yesterday I attended your Zoom call for Alexion and you are absolutely so inspiring. You gave us such a great perspective, which is so valuable during these times. Honestly, I must say that you are also a Zoom guru! It was so interactive, and you captivated all of us during the whole call. Thank you again!” Aysegul Ozkose, Alexion

“As part of an all-virtual career day, Debra did a talk. Besides sharing her great story in an inspiring and entertaining way, Debra had a fantastic virtual presentation. She adapted her non-verbal and verbal communication really well to the virtual format and she took advantage of Teams (the virtual meeting platform) to really make the presentation interactive and exciting. I highly recommend Debra as a (virtual) speaker.”  Frederik Gylling, Microsoft

Debra also provides a high production value for virtual presentations.  She has a fully professional studio set up, including lights, microphones, plus a number of coloured backdrops.

She is also a serial entrepreneur, having founded three companies.  Also, as part of a corporate diversity programme, she has led a team of twelve ordinary businesswomen on an expedition in the Arctic Circle.

Debra is a regular presenter for the BBC and a major film of her life is currently in discussion


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