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The Inspirators – the Leaders Journey

The Inspirators – the Leaders Journey

Leadership is the most valuable commodity in the world. There has never been a more important time to bring forth leaders who can stand up and make a difference.

Pete Cohen is one of the world’s most inspiring keynote speakers with the Right Address.  However, first and foremost, he is a coach. He has coached many Olympic champions and senior executives from Fortune 500 companies all over the world helping them to succeed and be their best. His work with leaders has inspired them to become better leaders in their own right and to inspire others.

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Now he is writing a book to share his wisdom with the world.

“The Inspirators  is the result of many years of work, working in organisations around the world as a coach and speaker.” Pete explains. “This book is being written for leaders and aspiring leaders to show them what great leadership looks like. Inspirators – leaders who inspire – are already out there. “For 25 years I have been working with unsung leaders.  These are the ones no one ever hears of .  They are working hard to build a successful organisation and, more importantly, inspire other people to become leaders in their own right. I’ve seen how it can make a difference.  Also I’ve also seen how the working environment has become more and more challenging.”

The Inspirators is the route map to leadership in a new age – an age where leaders are no longer dictators, but visionaries and motivators who are at the top of their game and inspire others to be at the top of theirs too. The book sets out to prove that leaders are not born but made. They are made through coaching and by going on this journey – the Leaders Journey. It shows exactly what great leaders do every day to inspire others.

The Inspirators challenges the reader to address this shift in leadership, starting with the basic principle that ‘to lead others, you have to go first’ and encouraging them to become the leader that they would want to follow. It takes them on a journey of discovery to develop, adopt and eventually excel at this new leadership style.

This is an opportunity for the reader to embark on the leader’s journey. Through the interviews, Pete demonstrates that “there is only one style of leadership – your own unique style.” For people to find what theirs is, there is no better journey than to learn from others.

The interviews featured include:

  • Delphine Rive – MD of Accenture,
  • Alastair McAuley – MD of AkzoNobel
  • Jon Sellins – Operations Director for Wembley Stadium
  • Glyn House – MD for Café Nero
  • Lucy – MD at Edelman

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