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Supersonic car world debut today

Supersonic car world debut today

Congratulations to Bloodhound SSC project director & motivational speaker, Richard Noble. The supersonic car is to be featured at a special exhibiition at Canary Wharf with an anticipated 8000 visitors on site.


Richard also led the team responsible for the current world land speed record of 763 mph (1,227 km/h) driven by Andy Green –  who will also be the supersonic driver.


The Bloodhound SSC will be taking part in UK runway testing and set to reach speeds of up to 200 mph next year at the Aerohub, Newquay.  It will then be transported to South Africa for the next stage of high speed testing with the ultimate target of reaching an incredible 1000 mph (1610 km/h) by 2017


It is planned the car will go zero to 1000 mph in 55 seconds and back to zero in a further 65 seconds covering 12 miles.  The deceleration is anticipated to be at 3G which has been compared to driving from 60 mph to standstill within one second.  The deceleration will be achieved with the use of air brakes and parachutes.


Richard is an accomplished inspirational speaker on a variety of themes including, goal setting, planning, project management, leadership, teamwork and achieving success.

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