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Recommended R4 Show

Comedian and Mindfulness Master’s graduate, Ruby Wax hosts the R4 programme `Frazzled’ this Sunday 15th April at 7.15 pm. Having turned her attention from her BBC career as a presenter and comedian, Ruby went on to study psychology and neuroscience at Oxford University.  Since then she has written best selling books, toured the country and delivered an acclaimed TED Global speech on the theme of mental health. Her latest programme features Ruby hosting a live studio audience of visitors to the `Frazzled Cafes’ she has set up, in conjunction with Marks and Spencer with the tag line, “It’s OK to not be OK”

Ruby is an outstanding motivational speaker, combining humour and pertinent messages. Feedback on her presentations includes:

“I think that Ruby as the leader made a huge difference to the experience, brilliant comic timing aside. She has a no holds barred approach to communication and a strong desire for feedback, which made the whole experience feel a lot more open and comfortable” Colin Graham, Product Manager, Skype.

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