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Deborah Meaden Still Suffering After Strictly

Deborah Meaden Still Suffering After Strictly

In 2013, Meaden appeared on the hit series Strictly Come Dancing, in which celebrities pair with professional dancers to battle it out for the win. However, the effects of her time on this show are still very much apparent today.

Strictly Pain

Meaden revealed recently that she’s still physically suffering from the many hours spent dancing and training on Strictly. She confessed that she still has ‘permanent pain in the balls of [my] feet’, for which she needs regular steroid injections. She attributes the pain to spending 10 hours each day dancing in preparation for the weekly episodes, which certainly does sound grueling.

She went on to say that everyone was injured in some way on the show, but Meaden’s pain has now stuck around for 5 years, with the steroid injections meant to be administered every 6 weeks. Though Meaden also revealed that she waits until the pain is too much to deal with before going back for another injection, which we think is typical of her determined nature.

New Series of Dragon’s Den

As the news of Meaden’s suffering comes to light, the new series of Dragon’s Den comes to a close after 6 episodes that took everyone involved on an emotional journey. There was laughter at gin infused with collagen, fights over a drone company, and a man who wouldn’t let his mental health stand in the way of creating a successful business. Meaden was once again on the show, as she has been since 2006, and remains the dragon to have invested the most money in business-hopefuls.

Deborah Meaden Speaker

As an events speaker, Deborah Meaden can talk on a range of subjects, from dealing with the grueling challenges of Strictly Come Dancing to her experience as a woman in the male-dominated world of business. She can recall tales of successes from her own career and those she’s seen flourish around her – particularly those of candidates on Dragon’s Den – and inspire an audience to chase success. She’s funny, engaging, and passionate about the topics she covers, making her a wonderful events speaker.

If you’d like to hear Deborah Meaden or other celebrity after dinner speakers brighten up your event, get in touch with us at The Right Address today and we’ll make it happen.

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