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Congratulations to intrepid adventurer

James Ketchell

Congratulations to intrepid adventurer

Motivational speaker, James Ketchell, known as the `Ultimate Triathlete’ (having crossed the Atlantic, summited Everest and cycled round the world) is due to embark on his boldest adventure yet this weekend.  He is set to attempt a world record by becoming the first person to circumnavigate the globe in a gyrocopter!


James’ over riding aim is to inspire a million young people globally to follow their own dreams and goals.  He is also raising funds for two charities Kindled Spirit, who support and rehabilitate young victims of human trafficking and slavery and Over the Wall, who run residential activity camps for children with serious health issues.


James is a truly inspirational character and a superb choice for corporate events.  As with all James’ adventures, he has raised the full sponsorship himself and this time learnt to fly into the bargain! He leaves on 31st March 2019 and is due to return around August time, so will be avaialble for motivational speeches for the busy Autumn period and we cannot recommend him highly enough!  James will be fresh from an amazing challenge and ready to share the lessons of his journey.

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