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Motivational speaker new TV

Motivational speaker new TV

Ed Stafford, the fearless explorer, has a new show entitled, `Left for Dead’ on Discovery TV. The documentary, formed from clips of self-shot footage, re-tells the story of Ed’s record breaking walk along the Amazon River. Being the first person to ever walk it’s full length, the show captures the highs, lows and painful truths of his 859 day journey, sharing how he overcame physical and mental challenges to reach his goal.


Ed is no stranger to these sorts of hig-risk expeditions, having lived on a desert island completely without help (no tools, provisions or support) for sixty days, a feat which was documented in another Discovery documentary, Naked and Marooned with Ed Stafford.  The follow up series Marooned with Ed Stafford saw him left in remote uninhabitable areas where he worked to survive completely without aid.  Alongside these incredible challenges, Ed is retired from the British army and has also worked in Afghanistan alongside the UN, helping security and logistics of their first Presidential election.


In his motivational speeches, Ed recounts increible tales of his adventures that leave every guest transfixed – as well as detailing how he overcame challenges to achieve his goals, his messages resonate with delegates and are always relevant to their businesses. He is both professional and friendly and will happily chat with other guests and answer all their questions, earning him a reputation as a delightful guest speaker.


Ed Stafford’s talks provide a number of powerful life and career lessons about seemingly unimaginable challenges, resilience, team work, risk, respect for other cultures and the natural environment.  As importantly, his style focuses on staying motivated and staying positive when things are relentlessly tough.


As an after dinner speaker, Ed’s unique style of speaking balances messages about resilience in times of adversity and thedetermination to achieve objections with a self depreciating humour.


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