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Invigorate your Virtual Meetings and Events

Guy Longshaw

Invigorate your Virtual Meetings and Events

Inspirational speaker, Guy Longshaw, is an Executive Coach, Trainer and co-founder of Longshaw Consulting Group. Whilst the company covers all areas of Management Development, Guy also specialises in Resilience, Wellbeing and Stress Management. Throughout lockdown he has been helping clients and their teams to manage uncertainty, stay positive, become more resilient and to seize the opportunities for growth and development offered by change and transition. He has three interactive options for virtual events that are proving highly effective and are personalised to each audience dependent on specific needs. Recent feedback includes, “Guy was a great addition to our event” Emma Pickard, Head of Performance, Govia Thameslink Railway …

  1. ‘Get Set Guy’ – the ideal way to ‘get set’ for your virtual team meeting (20 mins – unlimited number of participants).

Get your team energised, focussed and ready to perform with a 20 minute virtual ‘Get Set Guy’ session.

Guy will get your team up and moving, smiling and laughing, then calm and reflective, open and ready to have a great day.

By joining in with simple moves inspired by Karate and Chi Gung (like tai chi), breathing exercises and stress management techniques, attendees will notice how much better they feel when they move away from their desk for a few minutes.

This mini virtual workshop gives options for how to maximise regular short breaks, enabling individuals to work more productively and ‘manage their mojo’ better working remotely.

Its great ‘team bonding’ too – the ideal way to shake things up and ‘get set’ for a radically better virtual team meeting. Can also be delivered for large groups; unlimited numbers.

  1. Resilience, Movement and Mindset (40-60 mins – up to 20 participants)

This ‘virtual workshop’ can be arranged for intact teams, or groups of up to 20 people from across your organisation.

Using a combination of movements, stress-management techniques, self-reflection and facilitated discussion, attendees practice using tools to proactively manage their wellbeing and become more resilient in the face of their current challenges.

You probably already know that sitting down for long periods is bad for physical health and impacts negatively on our ability to see fresh perspectives.

Moving regularly whilst at work is effective for stress management as well as promoting health and ‘mindset management’.  Simple Chi Gung moves are easy to learn and are a great way to help us ‘get out of your head and into your body’.

Experiencing how different we can make ourselves feel just according to our focus of attention and our physiological state is a useful reminder that we are ‘feeling our thinking’ in the moment and can always do something about this – even during a very busy work schedule.

Guy will take us all through some simple practical techniques for managing our mindset, energy and breathing.

The session includes learning how to manage personal energy by increasing energy boosters and reducing energy drains.

Attendees experience the extent to which we are all ‘feeling or thinking’, they understand how to ‘create less stress’ and come away with one clear action to take forward to become more resilient.

  1. Virtual Workshops and Programmes for Recovery and Reboot – (105 mins workshops + pre and post work + pre and post short videos – up to 20 participants)

Help your people, managers and teams be more engaged, confident, productive and motivated. Provide the support and challenge they need to learn and grow through challenges, so they can deliver the changes your organisation must make.

There are over 30 Virtual Workshops in this series to choose from: all short, sharp, inspiring interventions to support ‘Recovery and Reboot’, the next phase of managing uncertainty.

Everyone is included, as they are designed specifically for Employees, Managers, Teams or the Exec Team and are for up to 20 people per workshop.

These are highly interactive, delivered over your preferred virtual platform, ‘classroom style’ by Guy or Madeline Longshaw (both experienced Training Designers, Facilitators and Executive Coaches).

Crucially, they all also include pre work and post work and pre and post short videos.

You can ‘pick and mix’ your own combinations of workshops, follow suggested programmes, or schedule one-off sessions as and when you need.

Click https://bit.ly/GuyRecoveryandReboot to watch a 3 minute introductory video from Guy

or https://bit.ly/MadelineRecoveryandReboot to watch Madeline

For Your Employees

There are 15 virtual workshops to equip your people with the skills and tools to be perform at their best, manage through change and to feel motivated, engaged and inspired. Examples include building resilience, managing change and transition, understanding my strengths, understanding my motivators, managing my time, influencing others and choosing an empowering mindset. There is also a range on managing careers and outplacement.

For Your Managers

There are 9 management programmes of virtual workshops to help Managers create an environment for their people to thrive.  They are focused on equipping Managers with the essential skills to manage and motivate individuals and teams. Examples include having difficult conversations, getting the most from your teams, building resilience, managing relationships, effective influencing and career development for self and others.

For Your Teams

Teamwork, cohesiveness, unity and performance are continuing to be challenged by remote / hybrid working. In some cases the potentially uncomfortable divide between previously furloughed team members and those who ‘held the fort’ is significant. We believe this is a critical time to focus on keeping teams ‘together’ for the benefit of the individuals, the team, and for agility, engagement, productivity and performance.

Team workshop topics include Team Motivation (using Motivational Maps), Team Strengths (using Strengthsfinder), Team Insights (using Insights Discovery), Team Assessment, Team Lockdown Review, Refresh, Reboot and Action Learning Groups.

For Your Executive Team – our ‘Review, Refocus, Reboot’ workshop

We recommend this specific workshop at this time for the Executive Team to analyse the experience of lockdown, review what has worked well and not so well and gather learnings to shape a refocusing and ‘reboot’.

Recent feedback on Guy’s presentations and workshops includes:

“Working with Guy on wellbeing and sustainable leadership practices has been a delight. Guy brings energy, sensitivity and humility into the room, and is able to connect well with different types of people. Guy supports others to make practical but meaningful changes to support wellbeing and good mental health.” Francesca Fox, Business Psychologist at TKMaxx

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