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Ellen MacArthur Foundation launches ‘landmark’ digital tool

innovative Ellen MacArthur

Ellen MacArthur Foundation launches ‘landmark’ digital tool

The innovative Dame Ellen MacArthur is one of the UK’s best environmental and sustainability speakers. This is thanks to her warmth and charismatic personality. She masterfully presents the experiences she gained into valuable business lessons for the audiences.

Ellen MacArthur first caught the public’s attention when she courageously sailed in the Vendée Globe in 2001. This is dubbed as the toughest sailing challenge as it is a single-handed non-stop yacht race around the world without any assistance. When she was 24, she bravely circumnavigated the globe on her own. This was a very important milestone in her life as it equipped her with to skills to become the UK’s most successful offshore racer ever.  She went on to set world records in the sailing competitions.


She founded her foundation in June 2009, which was publicly launched in the September of the following year. Dame Ellen put £500,000 of her own money into the project. In addition to this, further funding exceeding £6 million has been raised by Foundation.

Today, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation boasts a team of over 100 people across Europe, USA, China and Brazil. It aims to inspire a generation to re-think, re-design & build a positive future through the framework of a circular economy. The Foundation does this by

  • promoting and developing the idea, and
  • catalysing action.


Increasingly, all the companies around the World are looking to the the circular economy as an opportunity to create successful businesses that meet the challenges of environmental issues such as pollution and climate change. To help the organisations with this vision, the innovative Ellen MacArthur Foundation has recently launched a digital tool called Circulytics. Circulytics aims to give companies a fully comprehensive picture of their circularity across all operations.

By analysing company-level data, with applied insights, Circulytics highlights and inspires opportunities for innovation, while allowing companies to track their progress. It not only informs strategy but also allows users to compare where they are in relation to their industry. The tool also provides quick understanding for those actively moving away from the current linear economy as well.

Circulytics provides the option to have informed interactions about circular economy adoption should businesses wish to do so with investors and customers, while the Foundation plans to engage with companies that generate outstanding scores to create inspirational case studies.


To book Dame Ellen MacArthur or other environmental and motivational speakers in London, please get in touch with us.

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