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Human Communication by Nick Looby

Nick Looby

Human Communication by Nick Looby

One of our key motivational speakers in London, Nick Looby has shared his expertise in human communication.  He highlights the key communication solutions required to save our world.

Nick describes most of the human communication advancements he is exploring as, “so powerful that we could even give our digital technology a run for its money”.

Enjoy his thoughts below and let us know if you would like to book Nick for your corporate event.

Human Communication – The Strengths and The Blind Spots Or Why is the World Falling Apart?

“I have the best job in the world.

I get to work with amazing people and explore all the areas you can imagine (and, no doubt, some that you can’t) of human communication.  In my talks and workshops I cover all of the techniques that enhance how we interact, build relationships and get things done.

This privileged position is enlightening and continues to teach me incredible lessons.

I get to experience and share the strongest and most fulfilling human communication strategies.  Plus I also spend time with those who are suffering due to their own blind spots.

If you understand human communication, you see the chaos caused by these blind spots from some distance away.

Chaos, such as the current UK Parliament meltdown, the collapse of high street mega brands and the disconnect between social media and the real world.

The world of communication echo chambers, post-truth and lack of cognitive diversity are both fascinating and incredibly frustrating.  As a result I am seeing the disastrous effects more and more.

Environments, such as the UK Parliament are a victim to all of the above.  However, the real challenge, when the problem at hand is a complex one, is our lack of Cognitive Diversity.


If we can address this, rectify it and create a psychologically safe work environment then our world really would see no limits.

Take a look around your team, your office or your entire company.  What do you see?  Hopefully, you see plenty of lovely, intelligent and inspirational people.

How cognitively diverse are they?  How do they think?  Do they all look, act and think the same?  If so, there is likely to be trouble ahead.

The complex problems that are waiting for us around the nearest corner require a collection of minds, attacking the difficulty (opportunity) from varied perspectives, alternative views and an assortment of opinions.  This requires variety and a safe place to allow that variety to bloom.

More and more I meet organisations, with Leaders and Managers who are struggling with communication.  They are drowning in the noise and are overwhelmed.  These same professionals are also underwhelmed (the evil twin of overwhelm) bombarded by communication that is far from impactful or meaningful.

The answers are staring us in the face.  However, most organisations are too blind or too cowardly to embrace the change that modern businesses desperately require.

For those serious about the future, turn off your email for a moment and search for Cognitive Diversity, Psychological Safety, and Crucial Conversations.  Your future will depend upon it.”

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Speaker Nick Looby is a Modern Human Communication Specialist and would be delighted to speak at your conference and engage, entertain and enlighten your audience. Call us at The Right Address to discuss your next event +44 (0)1895 827 800

Hold tight – the future is going to be bumpy.

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