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Greenwashing Bad; Environmental Straight-Talk Good

Michael Dodd

Greenwashing Bad; Environmental Straight-Talk Good

As someone who helps company spokespeople get their message across in TV and radio interviews, communications-boosting speaker Michael Dodd, seeks to ensure they always confidently pass “The Truth Test”.

However, as the world’s climate crisis becomes ever-more-threatening, there’s an increasing tendency for some companies to project an image which is greener than it really is.

This “greenwashing” has been around a long time.

Michael even recounts a time when – growing up in Australia in the 1970s – he used to watch oil company advertisements on TV promoting so-called “nice clean petrol” with their “nice clean petrol” song!

The latest evidence shows that greenwashing is getting more sophisticated in how it seeks to fool the world.

Communications-boosting Michael Dodd‘s new keynote presentation urges potential greenwashing perpetrators to be responsible and play it straight in media interviews and beyond.

Through ‘The Right Address’, you can now book “GREENWASHING: Spotting It; Avoiding It & Keeping Your Environmental Reputation Pure”.

The session takes a romp through the dangerous lessons and excesses of greenwashing over the years – from the sneakily seductive to the laughably outrageous.

For the highly courageous, it can even involve live “blowtorch-on-the-belly” interview demonstrations on stage with audience volunteers.

In doing so it seeks to inspire audience members – for the good of the planet – to get on and stay on the straight and narrow pathway of environmental straight-talk!

Feedback on Michael’s presentations includes:

  • Every single point discussed was a golden nugget! ”  Director, Charity Challenge
  • “Straight talking, direct and extremely engaging. A must for any Chief Executive Officer.”   CEO, Business Design Centre

To invite Michael to enhance your next event with a topical, interactive and entertaining presentation or workshop please contact us at The Right Address on +44(0)1895 827 800 or enquiries@therightaddress.co.uk

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