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Eddie the Eagle’s New Year Skiing Celebrations

Eddie the Eagle’s New Year Skiing Celebrations

At the beginning of this year one of the UK’s most-loved skiers, Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards popped on his skis once again for a brief stint back on the slopes.

Who Is Eddie the Eagle?

Eddie Edwards, more commonly known as Eddie the Eagle, captured the hearts of everyone watching the 1988 Winter Olympics, despite finishing last, when he represented Great Britain in the ski jumping competitions. From humble beginnings, Eddie soared to fame as the world became besotted with him. After the Olympics, he appeared on talk shows and news channels around the world, becoming a celebrity in his own right. Despite his failure in his first Olympics, Eddie does hold many skiing related records and is still widely celebrated, particularly amongst us Brits. Just two years ago in 2016, a biopic film was released telling the story of his life, titled Eddie the Eagle, starring Hugh Jackman.

New Year’s Appearance

The nation’s favourite skier headed secretly to Norway last year, where he was filmed performing a number of extraordinary jumps that were aired on the New Year’s Day Parade in our city of London. When talking of his trip, Eddie described how he was caught short by a lack of snow in Norway, saying “There was more snow in Gloucestershire”. Despite this pretty major issue, the team managed to find Eddie a suitable slope to film his jumps – which, we’re sure, the nation is very grateful for!

Eddie was also presented with a medal at the parade; a way for our country to show just how much we adore him.

Eddie the Eagle as a Speaker

As motivational speakers go, it doesn’t get much better than Eddie Edwards. He can talk about a number of topics, from staying strong during his pre-Olympics grueling training to facing failure head on and coming out the other side. Hearing of his life, the challenges he’s faced and how he’s overcome them is a truly spectacular thing and something not to be missed. He can also tell you a tale or two about what it’s like to compete in the Olympics, which isn’t something you hear about every day!

Eddie Edwards speech is charming, endearing and a joy to listen to. He’s not afraid to get involved with his audience, engaging them in conversation and going out of his way to answer any questions and ensure everyone benefits from his talks. He is a very busy man though, so make sure you contact the Right Address – your go-to for motivation speakers UK – in plenty of time to book him! 

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