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Diversity, Inclusion and Virtual Conferencing

Diversity, Inclusion and Virtual Conferencing

Keynote speaking has been forced in to the virtual world and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (E,D&I) specialist Hayley Barnard couldn’t be happier.  Once a subject purely for compliance training, E,D&I and overcoming unconscious bias have become main stage topics as companies recognise the business benefits of an inclusive culture.

Hayley Barnard, a highly popular speaker on Diversity and Inclusion, is convinced that the Pandemic will lead to greater inclusion at conferences for both attendees and speakers. Virtual conferencing allows people to join from any geographical location and is highly time efficient.  Hayley comments, “It also makes it easier for those with caring responsibilities, or a disability to be present.”

“Two years ago I started suggesting to overseas clients that I join them by video link in order to reduce their costs and my carbon footprint. I also have two children with disabilities and a husband with PTSD so needed to ration my travel. This became a new way of working for me and one that my clients appreciated too.  One commented: ““I want to thank Hayley Barnard for all that she did to make our meeting a success! This was my first time having a speaker join us via video link and I was excited about using this technology. I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out! Her message was on point, her delivery was flawless, and she had our attendees engaged from the start. I would highly recommend Hayley to any organization!”  Katie Chapman, MRA, USA.


Arguably virtual conferencing will afford companies a wider choice of speakers from more diverse backgrounds. For Hayley Barnard, having developed her expertise at delivering speeches, webinars and live training remotely she has seen an upturn in demand since the Coronavirus. She comments, “Organisations that are committed to diversity and inclusion are taking advantage of this time by providing webinars and interactive live virtual training for their people.”

Hayley’s most popular topics include:

  • An introduction to unconscious bias
  • Practical inclusive leadership
  • Inclusive recruitment practices
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome.



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