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Debra Corey: Renowned Motivational Speaker, Author, and Catalyst for Change

Debra Corey diversity and inclusion speaker

Debra Corey: Renowned Motivational Speaker, Author, and Catalyst for Change

Debra Corey is a renowned HR expert, an accomplished author and experienced motivational speaker.  Her latest book, “Bad Bosses Ruin Lives: The Building Blocks For Being A Great Boss,” co-authored with Ken Corey, has just been published and is receiving excellent reviews.  It is a practical and inspirational read for any team leader.

Having been voted as one of the HR most influential thinkers in 2021, Debra is one of the foremost voices advocating for change in the corporate landscape. She has been championing the employee engagement revolution through various means. From speaking at events and leading workshops worldwide to teaching professional courses and writing, her impact is profound.

As an author, Debra has now published six best-selling business books, each addressing crucial aspects of HR strategy and employee engagement.

Her first book, “Effective HR Communication: A Framework for Communicating HR Programs with Impact,” lays the foundation for strategic communication within organisations. “Build it: A Rebel Playbook for World-Class Employee Engagement,” her second book, challenges traditional engagement methods and encourages a rebellious approach to fostering engagement. “Bringing Your Values Out to Play” emphasises the strategic importance of company values in shaping culture and driving success.

“Appreciate it! The Playbook for Employee Recognition” focuses on driving appreciation through effective recognition practices, while her book, “See It, Say It, Appreciate It,” published in 2022, continues her exploration of recognition as a driver of employee satisfaction and productivity.

In addition to her extensive literary contributions, Debra Corey is widely sought after as an effective motivation speaker in the UK and workshop leader. With her wealth of experience and dynamic presentation style, Debra captivates audiences around the world, delivering impactful sessions on a diverse range of topics related to people management, engagement, company culture, reward, and recognition.

Debra’s speaking engagements are renowned for their energy, insightfulness, and practicality. Drawing from her rich background in HR leadership roles at global companies such as Gap Inc., Honeywell, Merlin Entertainments, and Reward Gateway, she offers valuable perspectives and actionable strategies for navigating the complexities of the modern workplace.

From large-scale conferences to intimate workshops, Debra’s presentations leave a lasting impression on attendees, inspiring them to rethink traditional approaches to HR and employee engagement. She encourages participants to challenge the status quo and embrace a more rebellious mindset when it comes to fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and productivity within their organisations.

One of the hallmarks of Debra’s speaking engagements is her ability to connect with audiences on a personal level. She shares anecdotes and real-world examples from her own career, illustrating the challenges and successes she has encountered along the way. This authenticity resonates with attendees, empowering them to apply Debra’s insights to their own professional journeys.

Attendees of Debra’s workshops not only gain valuable knowledge and skills but also leave feeling inspired and motivated to drive positive change within their organisations. Whether she’s leading a session on effective communication strategies, employee recognition practices, or navigating the changing landscape of work, Debra’s dynamic approach ensures that participants are engaged and empowered to take action.

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