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Jane Gunn Corona Bonus

Corona Bonus

Mediator, lawyer, business author and speaker, Jane Gunn, has developed a new presentation – Corona Bonus.  Her key themes revolve around making decisions and resolving conflict in high stakes situations.  She is currently delivering her interactive speech  via live online presentations for leaders and senior executives.  Her message is hugely relevant at the moment and in much demand internationally.  Jane challenges organisations to stay ahead of the curve by up-skilling staff to accept, acknowledge and actively manage conflict and so save the cost and time of formal complaints or litigation, and damaged relationships.

The challenge

The stakes couldn’t be higher for organisations right now. Critical decisions must be made each day as to how businesses are going to survive and thrive in the weeks and months ahead. However, for many leaders and managers the ability to think and decide clearly may be muddied by:

  • Disagreement with colleagues they no longer meet with
  • Tensions with family members they juggle work/home life with
  • Internal conflict created by stress of the times we are all living in

The Covid19 crisis is creating an upsurge in tension, conflicts and disputes in and between organisations of all sizes. It is also having a significant impact on relationships at home and at work as people get used to new ways of working, remote team management and home schooling.

The Corona Bonus solution

In this Corona Bonus talk Jane will address

  1. Why every organisation needs Rapid Conflict Resolution now
  2. Why Having a Plan or System in Place is the Key
  3. How to encourage Personal Accountability of Staff

Jane’s mission is to help busy executives to collaborate effectively and successfully manage change, challenge and crisis in their organisations. She has been invited to speak at the United Nations, The White House, The European Commission and The International Energy Agency and has spoken at conferences and events all over the world.  Jane has worked with organisations large and small including McLaren Racing Ltd, Bacardi Martini Ltd, Cable & Wireless.  Other clients include The NHS, BAA, The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, ACCA and many more.

Recent feedback on her presentations includes:

“I have found your video training very useful. It has given me some great tools to approach a company issue I am currently dealing with. I saw one of your talks around four years ago when you gave a brilliant performance. Keep sharing your valuable material. I would have no hesitation in recommending you for conflict resolution or speaking opportunities when they arise.” Gary White, CEO Aspen Waite April 2020


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