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Inspirational speaker asks “What Problems Are We Yet to Recognise”

Communications speaker Nick Looby

Inspirational speaker asks “What Problems Are We Yet to Recognise”

Modern communication specialist, Nick Looby, is an expert on human interaction.  He focusses on the psychology of impactful messaging and is the best selling business author of Modern Zombies. Nick inspires his audiences to action and in his most recent blog below, he looks at the current most pressing challenges for companies, leaders and teams:

“What problems are we yet to recognise … There is massive value but understandable reticence around office-based communication, collaboration, and company socialisation. Face to face conversations, small talk and sharing ideas in a human-centric way so often trumps tech-based interactions. How we think and how we explain our ideas has the power to separate us from AI models and can deliver immense value and with the right minds in the room, can and does separate us from the masses.

Human-centric communication

Without human-centric communication and face to face interactions that are rich in empathy, rapport and resonance we are left with a shallow pool of cheap, easy and convenient transactions. Left unchecked, we all suffer. Teams lose their togetherness, new (younger) staff never feel part of the rich mix and, ultimately the company culture dissipates, innovation recedes and retention is a nightmare. You may still function and get stuff done but you are nowhere near your true capabilities.

Most organisations have fallen in love with efficiency and human interactions are far down the list of priorities. So be it. Many of these organisations will not attract or hold onto true thinkers.

Some organisations, the courageous ones, have already seen (will soon see) the unwelcome changes in the pulse of the business and the very fabric of how their teams operate. These are the companies that are worth working with.


Overcoming the anxiety of returning to the office, with its new uses and focus, and enabling everyone to embrace, engage, celebrate, and collaborate better than they have ever done is where human-centric communication finds its home. It’s no longer about slaying the metaphorical zombies, we lost that war some time ago, it’s about true connection, relationships, empathy, cohesion and enjoying each other’s company to bring out the power of the team.

One plus one plus one = many. There is massive power in the many.

As the communication landscape continues to evolve at an incredible pace, any communication specialist worth their salt, has to be open to evolve, pivot and explore the ground that has yet to be trod.  My book, Modern Zombies, was oddly ahead of its time and trod that uncomfortable ground.  We should not fear the uncomfortable, it’s coming whether we are prepared or not.

We should be talking about culture, about innovation and about retention.  If these three subjects are not on your agenda, then hold tight, everything is about to change.”

Speaker feedback

Outstanding feedback on Nick’s presentations includes:

“Nick Looby is one of the best presenters I have ever come across, his relaxed and informal approach works well and he always makes me sit up, listen and smile.  Nick is a joy to watch and whenever I hear him speak I always learn something and apply it immediately!  The best thing that Nick does is make you question the way you do things and he always gets you thinking.  Simply Brilliant!” Hayley Roy: Managing Director, ChairsGB.com

 “The pace of business change today has never been faster and the competition is global.  Everyone is looking for a technology silver bullet but it’s so often the case of smart computers and dumb companies.  Nick could be your answer.  He totally understands your most important but complex asset, your people, and his technique can unleash their true potential to let engagement and productivity soar.” Mervyn Middleby: Head of Technology & Operations, BBC Northern Ireland

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