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Baroness Karren Brady Appearance on Loose Women

Baroness Karren Brady Appearance on Loose Women

Not unfamiliar with the set, Baroness Karren Brady this month made an appearance on Loose Women; the show that Brits just can’t get enough of! This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Karren on the show and, being a regular on TV screens around the UK, she of course gave an excellent interview. When it comes to TV, talking and telling a story, Karren’s a pro.

What is Loose Women?

For any of you who don’t know, Loose Women is a panel show consisting of four women, with celebrity guest regulars and a whole heap of chatting. Topics that come up include politics, celebrity gossip and topical news. After over 18 years on British TV, it’s basically a national treasure!

Karren’s History on the Show

Karren Brady is a Loose Women veteran, having appeared on the first episode way back on September 6th 1999 and returning many times to discuss a wide variety of subjects, from motherhood to football. Her wide repertoire of skills and a knowledge that spans many topics makes her an excellent guest for the show and can give viewers an idea of how interesting she is as an event speaker, too.

December 2017 Episode

Karren’s most recent appearance was on the 12 December, where she had to surpass her expected role a little after the host Katy Price left the panel one woman short as Katy Price had to unexpectedly leave the set after discussing her mother’s illness. Katy was taken backstage to recover and Karren’s time was extended, which the business woman took in her stride and adapted to easily.

During her time behind the iconic Loose Woman table, Karren thrilled the audience (and all of us at home too) with behind the scenes peeks at what it’s like to work on The Apprentice and talk of being a woman in business.

Karen spoke of her time entering the industry of football, an area in which she is now famously skilled in, and that because it is so male dominated her chairman said ‘You have to be twice as good as the men to be thought of as only half as good’. She replied humorously to him explaining ‘Well luckily that’s not difficult’.

She also praised that fact that there would be four women in The Apprentice final, saying that it shows us that women can ‘Do anything they want’. Wise words from a wise woman!

Karren as an Event Speaker

Her success on panel shows like Loose Women is evidence of both the interesting topics Karren discusses, her success in her industry and her warm and inviting nature – despite her stern appearance on The Apprentice. She’s a delight to hear speak and is incredibly inspiring, both in her business career and her life as a mother – and especially in the combination of the two!

If you’d like Karren Brady as a speaker at your next event, get in touch with us at The Right Address. We work with Karren, pairing her with events that she can enhance with her tales and wisdom.

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