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Andrew Neil after dinner speaker

Andrew Neil after dinner speaker

Andrew Neil is a highly accomplished figure in the world of British culture. An intellectual, a man not afraid of controversial topics and highly accomplished in the media industry, he’s certainly a character who has more than a few stories to tell – and you’ll struggle to do anything but be captivated by each one.


Neil first began his esteemed career in the field of journalism. Graduating from the university of Glasgow with a degree in political economy and political science, he first landed a job as a sports reporter for the Paisley Daily Express. From there, he worked for The Economist in 1973, becoming promoted quickly and eventually becoming editor of particular British sections of the magazine. He then moved to The Sunday Times, holding the role of editor there between 1983 and 1994.

Multiple times, others tried to belittle Neil, saying he wasn’t worthy of the role he took or attempted to demean his character, though each time Neil bounced back unfazed. Their comments did not alter the breadth of his success in the slightest.

After The Sunday Times, Neil worked for a period at The Daily Mail and then the Press Holdings group, working as Editor-in-Chief. He is currently the chairman of the newspaper group.


Neil was introduced to the world of TV through his journalistic role. By being such a prominent figure in journalism, he was often called upon to discuss current events. From there, he began presenting on Despatch Box, a BBC programme, in the 90’s and now presents This Week, Straight Talk with Andrew Neil and Daily Politics on BBC.


As an after dinner speaker, Andrew Neil’s ability to talk both informatively and entertainingly on a wide range of subjects certainly comes in use! Whether you’d like to learn about the fast-paced world of British media, delve into the ins and outs of current politics or simply hear as he recalls stories from his notable career, Neil no doubt brings a lot to the table.

Despite his traditional manner on many news and political programs, as a speaker Neil is pretty informal. He enjoys interacting with the audience and is incredibly passionate on everything he talks about. His stories are filled with both funny and serious anecdotes, and his wealth of knowledge across a range of subjects is undeniable. He’s warm and friendly, and an all-round delight to have at any event.

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