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The Magic Waiters

The Magic Waiters are a team of the country’s top international award winning magicians who have highly developed skills in mime, drama, street performance, stand-up comedy and physical theatre. Unusually for magicians more used to creating highly individual performances, they have worked together to develop a truly unique ensemble performance whilst not losing their individuality. With a team of 3 Magic Waiters being perfect for up to around 350 guests, the group can be increased to perform for up to 1000. By dressing as the waiters at the venue, The Magic Waiters totally ‘disappear’ into the surroundings and all sorts of bizarre, perplexing and often just plain silly events occur, whilst at the same time they may often find themselves pouring the wine or changing the cutlery. Halfway through dinner when they reveal themselves as magicians, The Magic Waiters go on to perform extremely clever and funny magic, entertaining the guests with some of the best close-up magic to be seen. Finally they show themselves to be all round entertainers with an ensemble stand-up piece that owes its roots to London’s top comedy clubs and the Edinburgh Fringe and which can be tailored to each client’s event.'

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