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Sports Speakers

There are many benefits of hiring sports after dinner speakers that go far beyond the entertainment that they provide. Choosing from a range of sports speakers for your function can be the perfect accompaniment to the evening and their tales can only enhance what will be a great night for all who attend.

All of the speakers involved have enjoyed illustrious careers in a wide variety of sports and aren't afraid to delve into their rich past to give some incredible insights into the life that they have experienced. In all cases, they are entertainers with a different take on sport and in some cases they have very moving tales of their career that they are more than willing to share.

These speakers can be motivational too and are aware of all the hard work and effort that it took to get to the top of their profession. If you have young people in attendance at your function then they can be inspirational to them by encouraging them to train and practice. Even if those youngsters aren't looking to sport as a profession, after dinner speakers can be motivational enough to encourage them to play the game in the right manner and be the best sportsman that they possibly can.

Including an after dinner sports speaker at your function is the ideal finishing touch and will guarantee better attendance. The stories from their past will enlighten, encourage and above all entertain your guests and ensure that they leave with a night to truly remember.

Sports Speakers - Football

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  1. Alan Mullery

    Alan Mullery

    Ex England Footballer/ Raconteur. Learn More
  2. Chris Waddle

    Chris Waddle

    Former England Footballer/Raconteur. Learn More
  3. Bob Bevan after dinner speaker
  4. Garry Richardson

    Garry Richardson

    Sports commentator, broadcaster and presenter Learn More
  5. Geoff Hurst MBE

    Geoff Hurst MBE

    Footballer Motivational/After Dinner Speaker. Learn More
  6. Gordon Banks Footballer

    Gordon Banks OBE

    Former English Football Goalkeeper Learn More
  7. Frank McLintock

    Frank McLintock

    Former Captain of Arsenal Football Club Learn More
  8. Graeme Le Saux

    Graeme Le Saux

    Former Footballer, Chelsea, Southampton and Blackburn Rovers Learn More
  9. Graham Poll

    Graham Poll

    Former English Football Referee Learn More
  10. Ian St John

    Ian St John

    Former Liverpool and Scotland Footballer. Learn More

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