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Celebrity presenters and hosts have become extremely popular in recent years for both corporate and private events. Traditionally the preserve of large industry conferences, prestigious award ceremonies and for fundraisers, nowadays celebrity speakers are being hired to draw in the crowds at corporate annual dinners, incentive events, Christmas parties and even private celebrations and parties.

The benefits of hiring celebrity presenters or speakers can be extremely valuable to the host, depending on their aims for the event in question. A well chosen subject-matter expert speaker - or a well-known expert within a particularly field, will draw in delegates and customers for a conference or speaker opportunity and add a weighty cachet to a gala dinner. A popular culture celebrity or personality can bring real sparkle and excitement to a celebration or informal dinner and party and help guarantee an evening to remember. Celebrity hosts are also very popular for awards ceremonies and functions and add real 'wow' to the event's proceedings.

Fees will vary according to nature of the function, the celebrity involved and their expected involvement in the evening. A high profile comedian may charge significantly for a short after-dinner speaker slot at a Corporate event, whereas a 'subject matter expert' speaker may offer different rates depending on whether the event is for a commercial or charity / fundraising purpose.

It's worth looking at testimonials from other events to find which celebrity and format is likely to help make your event a success and worth too looking at more unusual characters. For example, many sports stars or adventurers have been known to work excellently with corporate motivational sessions.

Presenters & Hosts - Rugby

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  1. Gerald Davies CBE

    Gerald Davies CBE

    Former Welsh and British Lions Rugby Player Learn More
  2. Will Carling OBE
  3. Jason Robinson

    Jason Robinson

    International Rugby Union and Rugby League Learn More
  4. Jeremy Guscott MBE

    Jeremy Guscott MBE

    Former Rugby Union Player now TV Presenter Learn More
  5. John Inverdale
  6. Martin Bayfield

    Martin Bayfield

    TV Presenter and Former England International Rugby Player Learn More
  7. Matt Dawson MBE

    Matt Dawson MBE

    Former England Rugby Captain & TV Personality. Learn More
  8. Will Greenwood MBE

    Will Greenwood MBE

    Former England Rugby Player & Commentator Learn More
  9. Ed Chamberlin

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