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Philippa Forrester

Charismatic, intelligent and dynamic, Philippa brings a fresh touch to all her work. She has been a presenter of Tomorrow’s World, Time Machine and Tomorrow’s World Roadshow, Robotwars, Zoo Watch, Crufts The Morning Show BBC Radio Bristol and Night Fever amongst others. She has a First Class Honours degree in Ecology and Environmental Science.

Recently Philippa has appeared on our screens on BBC1 alongside her husband wildlife cameraman Charlie Hamilton James and their three boys in a wonderful four part series following the wildlife on and around the river that runs close to their home. Philippa and Charlie shared their 'Halcyon River Diaries’ Filmed over a year, experiencing life on the river following the same group of animals through the various seasons. Philippa and Charlie run their own production Company ‘Halcyon Media’ that specialises in Natural History programming. Previously best know as a TV and radio presenter, this published author and travel writer now adds the title of producer and script writer to her extensive portfolio.

She has also presented many documentaries for the BBC’s Natural History Unit. She is passionate about conservation and the ecology of our planet so it is hardly surprising that she was asked to present a weekly ‘live’ radio programme on behalf of the Natural History unit called ‘World on the Move’ which followed the world migrations of such animals Monarch and Painted Lady Butterflies, Grey and Humpback Whales, Ospreys, Toads, Top Geese, Grave yard Bats, Salmon, Eels and Jellyfish - etc. This was at the time, the largest Natural History event commissioned on BBC Radio 4.

Philippa is an accomplished live presenter and host and effective speaker at corporate events.

"Thank you so much for taking the time to come to our On Vision, Health First conference. I thought the ad-lib went very well on stage and you could tell, I am sure, from both the audience reaction and the queues for your autograph that you are hugely popular with our pharmacists and teams. I am delighted at the way the advertising is developing, and I do believe that you are becoming synonymous with Lloyds Pharmacy as we build the brand and that your style and approach has a unique appeal for our customers. I am pleased you too enjoy working with us". Justin Ash, Managing Director, Lloyds Pharmacy.

"Philippa was the star of the CIWM Awards for Environmental Excellence at the Dorchester on Wednesday this week. As the CIWM's Senior Vice President it was my particular pleasure to compere the event where Philippa made an absolutely stunning impression on those present." Terry March, CIWM Senior Vice President

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