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Celebrity speakers, hosts and famous 'guests' have long been an excellent way to bring glitz and cachet to a high-profile event. Famous speakers and faces have been gracing the corporate dinner, awards and conference circuits for years and nowadays the range of events requiring celebrity speakers has grown significantly, along with the range and number of speakers working the circuit.

Often the personalities in the highest demand come as rather a surprise - often a formerly quiet sports or music star later reveals themselves to have excellent crowd engagement and message delivery skills and abilities and they will grow a hugely successful book of loyal customers and engagements. Business people or 'ordinary' people with big stories are also hugely popular, particularly if the audience is looking to be inspired or the event is for a fundraising purpose. Former music stars, 'notorious personalities' and even former criminals can make their mark entertaining after-dinner guests! Other more heavyweight and intellectual speakers of professional note will also be in huge demand at industry and technical conferences and gatherings and their fees will be charged as appropriate.

Certainly the engagement of well chosen celebrity motivational speakers and hosts can add real value to a high profile event. Famous after dinner speakers will encourage guests to attend or buy tickets for corporate and commercial events bringing pizzazz and glamour to the proceedings, guaranteeing PR and viral buzz about your occasion. Ask around for recommendations and look for testimonials when picking the right 'fit' celebrity for your event. A good agency will be able to help find the right match for your objectives.

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