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Paul Elliott

For almost a decade, Paul Elliott has been helping individuals, salespeople and organisations break through self limiting beliefs and achieve greater success in life and in profit. His compelling story of transcending poverty and near bankruptcy to live his dreams has inspired thousands around the world and made him an undisputed expert in the field of peak performance and success coaching.

Paul's dynamic and inspiring approach will captivate your audience as they learn valuable insights from his at-the-coalface experiences as an entrepreneur; performance coach and in life.

His own story is a direct reminder and demonstration of the power of the mind to overcome repeated disappointment and outside challenges to ultimately succeed. Through these experiences, he will help your people overcome doubt; eliminate fear and develop a ferocious attitude for success.

Paul is acknowledged by many as being the catalyst for their success and is considered to be an expert in sales motivation and influence. Paul's presentations are more than "rah rah" pep talks. These programs provide motivational resources and real world strategies that will enable your people to sell more.

"Paul is the best coach I've had... Every time I've worked with him I find it easy to take new successful action" W. Day

"My profit was four times more than it had ever been beforeā€¦. Without a doubt the most amazing presenter and person I've seen". M. Lawrie

"Paul's presentation to the SME sales force was ideal. Incidentally, there has been a good consistent improvement in sales results in the few days since." Vodafone NZ

"You are a leader and a motivator. Thank you!" S. Lawes

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