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Nigel Risner

A larger than life character, Nigel Risner is a human development specialist who believes that most of us ignore our massive untapped potential because of lethargy, ignorance or fear. He is passionate about his dual role in, firstly, helping people at all levels to acknowledge that anything is possible once they learn to believe in themselves and, secondly, showing them how to make things happen. He is adamant that, to be effective, learning should be an interactive experience. Nigel's seminars, workshops and speaking are always lively and unusual. Delegates emerge fired with enthusiasm and raring to go - and, most importantly, have the information that will help them to realise their goals.

“As a motivational speaker you have a remarkable gift for putting your message across in a highly entertaining, informed and most importantly, unforgettable style.” Rodney Sear, General Manager, Direct Local Marketing

“My team of hard nosed technical and accounting people came along to be unimpressed. I can safely say they were all very presently surprised. I think they all got something out of it and there was certainly a buzz about the group. Now after 6 months, I still feel a greater sense of personal empowerment is felt by many of the people who attended.” Andrew Jenkinson, Head of Insurance Accounting & Settlements, Equitas

"Nigel is the best speaker I know, I love listening to him, he is entertaining, thought provoking and always leaves you with a life changing thought. Every time I have here him speak he has new and fantastic content, I would like to recommend Nigel, you will love him". Penny Power, Founder Of Ecademy

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