Looking for a more creative choice of guest speaker for a client event during the World Cup?

How about a former captain of the England World Cup football team; someone described by Sir Geoff Hurst as the most inspirational man alive?

At the age of 12, Steve Cunningham's world disappeared from view, and his aspirations to become a football professional seemed to be dashed.

However, he has never allowed his blindness to define, restrict or thwart his ambitions. He simply amended his dream, adjusted his talent, and went on to captain the England blind football team.

He also played cricket for England, ran for Britain, and set an audacious triple world record to become the world's fastest blind man on land and sea, and its only blind pilot.

A witty, entertaining, painfully-honest and highly inspirational speaker, Steve tells of his triumphs and failures in a no-nonsense style, combining humour with humility.

A genuine man, Steve sees no disability in his total lack of sight, but takes pride in sharing the vision, which many sighted people fail to recognise.

In fact Steve has only one handicap: golf. He plays off 24…