Brian Gibbons returns this month from his fundraising trip from Alaska to Argentina by motorcycle raising money for The Northampton Hope Centre

On June 13th 2010 Brian Gibbons embarked upon a 20,000 mile journey to ride from the Arctic Ocean in Alaska to as far down through Argentina as he could (before funds ran out) with two objectives in mind.

1. He wanted to raise money and awareness for The Northampton Hope Centre, an organisation that does great work for the homeless and disadvantaged.

2. He wanted to challenge himself by stepping out of his comfort zone to really test what the key components of success are when faced with adversity and hardship.

Given the nature of Brian's work as a professional speaker, whose focus is on inspiration and motivation, he also wanted to put his principles and beliefs to the test. One of his main keynote presentations "The Winner`s Edge",was developed by studying the characteristics of successful people from all walks of life and is based upon the concept of the right "Attitude" being a fundamental pre requisite to any lasting success in life, whether that be in business or relationships. "The Journey for Hope" would prove to test that concept to the limit. He also believes that no real personal growth can come from remaining in our "comfort zone". His "comfort zone" was severely stretched on virtually every front. He planned on a very long, solo journey by motorcycle when his knowledge of all things mechanical was virtually zero, and there would be many occasions when he would be in very isolated environments with no back up. Also, the majority of the journey would be in totally Spanish speaking countries, a language unfamiliar to Brian at the outset of the journey.

Eight months, nearly 20,000 miles, 15 countries and 29 border crossings later, Brian arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, finally achieving his ultimate goal despite many unforeseen challenges and setbacks. Most importantly of all, the journey served to confirm and reinforce the power of the principles contained in "The Winner`s Edge".

Brian will be much in demand for his motivational speeches from March onwards so do let us know if you have an event in mind.