Award winning entrepreneur & recently appointed Westminster business review lead, Michelle Mone, is due to launch her new jewellery collection on QVC next week on 4th September.


Having founded Ultimo and her beauty company UTan, Michelle also has fifteen patented inventions for swimwear, bridal wear and beauty.  Earlier this year Michelle published her poignant autobiography, My Fight to the Top.


In addition Michelle is already planning for her Government role to inspire individuals and boost business in areas of high unemployment even though she doesn't officially take over the role until mid-September.


Michelle is a charismatic and dynamic motivational speaker and her main presentation is based on her initial battle to get her business concept launched with only a simple but innovative design idea but both limited contacts and money. Michelle explains how her tenacity paid dividends and that her smaller triumphs led to the next, plus how she still retains the craving to create and produce new products. She inspires her audiences to focus, commit and strive for excellence in all their chosen fields.