Inspirational and leadership expert, Michael Maynard’s latest book “Leading the Way” is in the WH Smith’s top 10 business books for November. The book (published by Pearson FT) outlines what’s needed for leaders to be successful in the 21st Century. Michael Maynard is well-known as an entertaining and motivational speaker, applying his techniques as an ex-professional actor to the conference platform. His current presentations are based around best-practice obtained from leading international companies. He is a member of the Employee Engagement Guru Group supporting the government sponsored task force on the subject, thus at the cutting edge of research into what makes organisations successful.

His interactive presentations on the topic challenge old-fashioned views of leadership where hierarchy and title are valued more than talent and initiative. Our new socially-connected, transparent, fast-moving world demands a different approach. Michael outlines the 7 key capabilities needed to be successful as a leader in the future. He shares examples of outstanding performance in all areas of enterprise. More than anything, he shows how to lead and manage people so that they perform at their best.