Look out for Mark Gallagher's recently published book, The Business of Winning. Mark takes the lessons of the high octane Formula One environment and makes clear links with any business setting.  The book is incisive and invaluable to anyone involved in managing or creating a team to achieve maximum results.  The book is published by Kogan Page and looks set to become a business best seller.


Motivational speaker, consultant & advisor,  Mark Gallagher,  has worked in F1 for over three decades and for the last fifteen years as a senior executive at Jordan Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing and Cosworth.  As head of marketing at the hugely successful Jordan team, Eddie Jordan christened him, "head of making things happen".


He has co-owned the multiple award winning racing team, Status Grand Prix, since 2005 and also heads a sports investment group.  He is a regular media commentator and consultant as well as being in huge demand as a speaker at a wide range of croporate events either on his own or joined on stage by F1 heroes such as David Coulthard.