Green & Black’s – the chocolate company co-founded by motivational speaker,  Jo Fairley – has for the eighth year in a row been voted onto the Coolbrands List (2014/2015), as ‘coolest food brand in Britain’. Jo juggles her brand consultancy (and ambassadorship for Green & Black’s) with a new venture, The Perfume Society: the world’s first ‘appreciation society’ for perfume-lovers  - ‘a little like a wine society, but for perfume-lovers’, she explains. The Perfume Society has been incredibly well-received by the industry and fragrance-wearers alike, offering a website, events, an on-line magazine and more. It’s serial entrepreneur Jo’s fourth start-up. ‘I’ve realised that all my ventures relate to the senses – taste, with Green & Black’s and Judges Bakery (which I opened in my home town), touch (The Wellington Centre, our nine-room wellbeing centre) – and now the sense of smell. For me, these are all things that make us feel more “alive”…’


Jo is one of our busiest and most successful motivational speakers.  In recent months Jo's speaking engagements have included: Barclays,  Hertfordshire University, Tui Travel, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, Herts for Learning, Ingenious Communication, Watford Community Housing Trust, Jupp Caslte, The Solus Club.  Feedback includes: "Jo was excellent – she spoke well and what she said was entirely relevant for the audience, and she had a lot good feedback from those present" The Solus Club