Having became the first and only person to have completed the ultimate thriathlon rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, summiting Mount Everest and cycling 18,000 miles around the world last year, motivational speaker, James Ketchell and Scout leader, Ashley Wilson, will be rowing 4,000 miles across the Indian Ocean, from Western Australia to Mauritius in Spring 2015.


Ashley is epileptic and is also in remission from Hodgkins Lymphoma. Their aim is to prove that having epilepsy or a disability is no barrier to pursuing one's goals and living a normal life. Effectively, breaking the stigma down around epilepsy and disabilities in general. James will be tasked with getting himself and Ashley safely across, with the goal of breaking the current pairs record of 86 days.

James is a superb inspirational speaker and will be available for engagements from September onwards.  Recent comments on his presentations include:

"... the feedback has been incredibly good" - " they all felt suitably inspired and somewhat in awe of the achievements that you so modestly shared with us. Personally, I could not contemplate the challenge and manner of what you have achieved in three quite different challenges and with variable levels of support, sitting on a little boat for days on end alone with just fish and whales for company wow, incredible. Your talk was awe inspiring, your message very powerful, thank you so much for sharing it with our members."   Birmingham Bursars Group