Motivational speaker and record breaking ultimate triathlete, James Ketchell, is now back in the uk and available to speak at conferences and events relating his adventures with clear business analogies.  Below is an extract from the adventures blog. You can also watch a recent news interview on the rescue here

“On the evening of Tuesday 7th July conditions started to change with the swell and winds picking up quite considerably, eventually reaching 6.5m seas with extremely strong winds. We were able to ride this out on a para anchor for some time but in the end the conditions caused the boat to roll over several times as we were hit on the beam by a monstrous wave. The first roll wasn’t too bad, but the second roll was particularly violent, causing Ash to be thrown across the cabin hitting his head and shoulder hard. Ash instantly felt faint and dizzy. It was at this point that the decision was made to prioritize safety, which was absolutely the right thing to do.

A 250m crude oil carrier called the Dubai Charm was diverted off course to come to our assistance. It was on scene within two hours after the alarm had been raised. Getting from our small 6m row boat on to this behemoth of an oil tanker was to prove extremely difficult! The shear sight of this thing coming towards us even though it was traveling slowly was massively intimidating. Eventually it pulled up beside us and the crew on deck threw ropes down to attach to the boat. The plan to haul ourselves up on a ladder was a lot harder in reality.


Even though the Dubai Charm was protecting us from the wind, the seas were still massive, causing our boat to rise up and down smashing against the side of the ship as we grappled with ropes and ladders. Eventually a harness was thrown down for Ash and using a shackle and rope he was attached, ready to be winched to safety.
I then saw a chance to grab the rope ladder myself and jumped onto it. I don’t think I’ve ever held onto anything so tightly in my life. I slowly took one step at a time up the ladder, making sure I didn’t look down and eventually I made it to the top. As I was climbing up I found myself thinking of all the years I’ve spent at the gym lifting weights and thought to myself, “Please don’t fail me now arms and legs”. Thankfully they came good!


We need to say a massive thank you to the crew of the Dubai Charm who executed an outstanding rescue in extremely difficult seas, and made us feel very welcome onboard”.