Motivational speaker, Danny Crates, is due to join the line up of Gregg Wallace and John Torode's Celebrity Masterchef 2015


It has just been announced today that 19 celebrities including Amanda Donohoe, Sarah Harding, Chesney Hawkes and Mica Paris will join Danny to battle through the invention test, the relay invention test, a mass catering challenge and two course meal for the guest judges including past winner Ade Edmondson.


Danny is likely to apply the same degree of planning, preparation, striving for excellence and overcoming adversity  that he has to his phenomenal sporting, business and TV careers.


Meanwhile, Danny's latest motivational speech is entitled The Final Hour.  Danny states that feeling the pressure is no excuse to under perform when your defining moment arives, whether that is a sales pitch, internal presentation or industry conference,  He maintains that top athletes are defined by performance specifically at Olympic and Paralymic level - their chance is distilled into a few moments, every 4 years under immense pressure plus the world's scrutiny.  Danny takes delegates through the pressures and intensity of these very moments and shares the coping strategies he employed during his international athletics career which culminated in a Paralympic Gold Medal plus winning the World and European Championships.  Danny guides audiences to see that the same strategies work for elite athletes as for business presentations and transactions and inspires delegates at all levels to achieve. Do call us to discuss your future events and consider Danny as your key motivational speaker: +44 (0)1895 827 800