he Right Address speaker Andy Mouncey put his money where his mouth is at the end of last month and took part in the 3rd Montane Ultra Tour of the Lake District 100 mile race which includes nearly 7000m of climbing and descending through classic Lakeland terrain.

Competitors find their way to 14 checkpoints via a designated route which is essentially a clockwise loop through the Lakes.
They start on Friday evening and go through the night, through Saturday - and for some through a second night and day.

Andy completed the first event in 2008 coming home 4th in just under 29 hours.  He had, he tells us, some unfinished business with the race, and this year came home second in just over 25 and a half hours.And the secret of taking a whopping 3.5 hours off his time? 'I got serious about my training and got rid of a bit of baggage,' he said. The race continued to merit it's place as one of the most serious undertakings in the ultra-running calendar. For the third year in a row only around half those on the start line managed to finish within the 40 hour limit.

What next for Andy? 'Well, I've been letting the feet repair, enjoying eating rubbish and driving everywhere,' he says. 'I've also been looking at the numbers from the race...where the dead time was, where I was fast, where I wasn't...' Does that mean there'll be a next time? 'Ask me in September!'
Full results with photos www.lakeland100.com