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If you are looking to add some spice to an event, whether corporate or private, inviting motivational speakers along could be just the thing to do it. Whether you are planning to entertain clients, hold a team building event, host an awards ceremony or are celebrating a very special family occasion there are all kinds of people available to speak, inspire and entertain your guests.

Motivational speakers come from the worlds of politics, sport, media, business, music and television. From comedians to people who have endured extreme environments, from sports personalities to hugely successful business gurus motivational speakers all bring along great stories, powerful messages, a sense of humour. And all are professional, experienced and able to captivate their audience.

All events are unique so choosing the right speaker is essential, a professional agency will advise on who can deliver the kind of message you are looking for. The best person for the job may come from a political or managerial background and be specialists in inspiring people into action. Or they may be pure entertainers who lift the spirits of the audience and leave them feeling valued as well as entertained. You may be looking for someone who is persuasive, dynamic, emotional or provocative; someone to drive your team on to bigger and better things, or someone to use their experience of hardship to lead your audience to greater achievements of their own.

Whatever your goal, hiring a motivational speaker could be the answer, the icing on the cake of your event, whatever the occasion.

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  • Jamil Qureshi motivational speaker

    Jamil Qureshi

    Performance Enhancing Psychologist

  • Geoff Ramm

    Geoff Ramm

    International Marketing Speaker, Marketer & Author

  • Nigel Risner

    Nigel Risner

    Former Academy for Chief Executives & Vistage Speaker of the Year

  • Jez Rose motivational speaker

    Jez Rose

    Speaker, Broadcaster, Bee Farmer, Award Winning Author, behaviour expert.

  • Adrian Webster

    Adrian Webster

    Best Selling Business Author & Motivational Speaker

  • Laurence Winmill

    Laurence Winmill

    International Motivational Speaker, Sales Management consultant and Author

  • Marty Wilson motivational speaker

    Marty Wilson

    Award winning comedian, International motivational speaker & best selling business author

  • Derek Williams

    Derek Williams

    Business Guru/Motivational Speaker.

  • Ruby Wax

    Ruby Wax OBE

    Presenter, Author, Communication & Leadership Facilitator

  • Sean Weafer

    Sean Weafer

    Best Selling Business Author Inspirational Speaker

Items 25 to 42 of 42 total

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