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Michael Dobbs

He's never had a proper job. Perhaps that's because he's spent so much of his life hanging around all the wrong places at interesting times. He was with Margaret Thatcher when she took her first steps into Downing Street as Prime Minister, and he was there again with John Major when he was kicked out. In between he got bombed in Brighton and banished from Chequers, and during the dull moments he wrote a book called "House of Cards". One Chief Whip said it had done for his job "what Dracula has done for baby sitting". Born in 1948 on the same day as Prince Charles, Michael has a doctorate in nuclear defence studies, was Chief of Staff and later Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party. He was also Deputy Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi. Michael has been a BBC TV presenter and a columnist for The Mail on Sunday. His latest book “Churchill’s Triumph” was published in 2005.

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