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Merlin Stone

Professor Merlin Stone motivates marketing, sales and customer service people. Senior management, staff who work with customers every day, and those who support them, will find his input motivating and helpful. He uses his intimate knowledge of how companies have succeeded or failed in managing customers better to paint a picture of what can be done and of how each individual can help their team succeed. He uses his natural humour and a fund of jokes from his work as director, manager, consultant, recruiter and front-line seller to tell tales from the front line that keep audiences interested and amused. Merlin never loses touch with his audience – he is proud of the fact that he can develop examples which appeal to audiences of any level, and keeps close eye contact with his audiences to ensure that his communication is effective. He is always controversial, and likes to knock down the idols of management consulting.

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Business Motivational speakers, Customer Service, Sales

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