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Matt Crabtree

Matt Crabtree enjoyed an outstanding sales and general management corporate career with leading companies including Pitney Bowes, AT&T, Estee Lauder and Barclays Bank. He gained his first board position at 28 running the sales side of a £250 million telecoms company and became one of the youngest senior executives at Barclays Bank.

Over the last six years Matt has spoken to over 30,000 delegates from over 20 countries. He is one of the country's leading consultant, trainer and inspirational speaker.

"His entertaining and humorous style has turned out to offer more than a 2 day leadership conference in less than 2 hours" Franz Bruckner, Head Coach, Red Bull

"He gets it. Every time. His enthusiasm is infectious, his content and case studies are both credible and authentic. He cares as much about what happens afterwards as he does during the assignment. A partner, not just a keynote speaker for hire" Steve Allen, Director Business Banking Operations, Barclays

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Business Motivational speakers, Finance / Economy, Leadership, Teamwork

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