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Luke Cunliffe

' Ultra-runner Luke Cunliffe understands that each one of us can become that extraordinary person. He recognises that through the application of a sound strategy, good planning and a determined approach we are all able to achieve success. By his own admission, he is no natural athlete; but he has learned to compete at the highest level in some of the most gruelling competitions our planet has to offer. Luke’s mission is to help people believe in themselves so that they can step outside their comfort zone and succeed. As he recounts his fantastic tales Luke will transport you along with him to the depths of the Amazon Jungle, the frozen wilderness of the Yukon and the giant dunes of the Sahara Desert before bringing you hurtling back to your seats via the sherpa tracks of the Himalayas.'

“Many thanks for being our guest speaker at our recent sales conference. Your presentation was excellent and inspiring in both content and delivery. In particular you really grasped our vision and key goals in your presentation by tailoring specifically to our audience and values. Moreover, the interactive sessions and visualisation exercises worked extremely well and provided a practical approach to help us in preparing for our new year. Thank you again for your time, effort and enthusiasm, your presentation was incredibly enjoyable and entertaining.” - Laura Kelly, Bancassurance Scottish Widows

“Luke Cunliffe was an after dinner speaker to my senior sales group at Roche Pharmaceuticals. His talk was full of energy and he was obviously enthusiastic, passionate and was clearly highly motivational to my team. Luke was goal focused and a clear achiever. Luke spoke with conviction on how to set specific and measurable goals and has helped my team plan for success in the future. Any organisation that is focused on success would benefit from Luke's experience.” - Rajiv Rajan, Divisional Manager, Roche Pharmaceuticals

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