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Lee Evans

Showbiz is in Lee Evans' blood. His dad Dave raised Lee and his brother whilst touring UK clubs and seaside towns.

After attending art school, Lee followed in his father's footsteps to the stand-up circuit. Four years at working men' clubs, and five on the alternative circuit later… Lee Evans became a huge hit at the 1988 Edinburgh Comedy Festival.

Since then Lee Evans' stand-up and live television appearances have had the nation in hysterics. Famous for his very physical brand of comedy, and tendency to play the underdog, he has often been compared to Norman Wisdom. Closer inspection of his act shows that it's just what he does best.

Evans is one of the rare UK comedians to have scored major hits at the cinema. Making his film debut in Funny Bones, he then found international fame with his role in gross-out There's Something About Mary and slap-stick Mouse Hunt.

He followed this up with a series, Lee Evans: So What Now?

Autumn 2005 saw Lee Evans embark on his biggest ever British tour. On LEE EVANS - XL - UK TOUR 2005, Lee will be performing in nine major cities across England, Scotland and Wales.

Two more new movies featuring Lee were released in 2005. Jester Till is a cartoon from Munich Animation, and Lee supplies the voice of the main character, Jester. While Plots With a View is a comedy about the Undertaking business, shot last year in Wales, with Christopher Walken and Brenda Blethyn.

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